Preparing for your Appointment

* If possible, avoid wearing eye make-up 24 hours before your appointment for fills and, preferably, 48 hours for your first set.  During that time, cleanse your lashes a couple times with an oil-free cleanser to remove any built-up makeup, specifically mascara.

* Come to your appointment with clean, dry lashes, free of any oils to get the most out of your scheduled time. Avoid eye creams in the eye socket area the morning of, or the night before your appointment.

* Come with comfortable clothes on, ready to lash nap!

​* Bring any make-up you may need for touch-ups around eye area after lashing.


* Do not wet extensions for 24-48 hours.

* Avoid steam, saunas and pools for 48 hours.

* No curling, perming or tinting your lashes.

* Don't pick at lashes or rub eyes, for it could pull out your natural lashes and/or damage your extensions.

* Do not attempt to remove extensions yourself; they are semi-permanent and you could damage your natural eyelash growth. Make sure to see a professional for removal.

* Take care while sleeping and dressing!

* Keep lashes clean with an oil-free, gentle cleanser, especially after wearing eye make-up.


* No oils or solvents of any kind from cleansers, mascaras, moisturizers, etc. should be used on lashes. If you want to use mascara, make sure to use one specifically designed for eyelash extensions.

* Crying is detrimental to your lash extensions.  If you find yourself crying, be very gentle while wiping your eyes and try to dab tears down and away from your lash extensions. 

* Book fill appointment in 2-4 weeks to keep lashes looking full and beautiful.*

Cleansing Procedure

1) Wash hands thoroughly.

2) Wet disposable mascara wand with water.

3) Dispense choice of cleanser into palm of hand. (For a more sanitary option, dispense into small clean bowl or container of some kind.)

4) Roll mascara wand into palm of hand (or bowl) to disperse cleanser, then brush through extensions from the back rolling wand up, toward your brow ridge. It helps to hold one finger in front of your lashes while you brush up. As you comb through, be careful not to snag the base of your extensions as much as possible.

5) Rinse mascara wand and repeat brushing through with clean water until cleanser is washed away; usually this takes a few rinses.

* I have found cotton and washcloths tend to snag on extensions. Find a procedure that works best for you; be gentle and thorough.*

Attention! Clients interested in getting a fill over another Artist's work...

Please be aware that all Lash Artists have different styles and opinions on quality products and service. All new clients wanting fills will require an examination prior to their fill to determine if a fill may safely be performed.  In some cases a removal and therefore a new full set may be required to receive future fills with Jessie.